April 3, 2006


The Clermont Town Board held its regular meeting on Monday, April 3, 2006.  Those present were Supervisor William E. Banks, Councilman Harned, Councilwoman Lent, Councilman Staats and Councilman Nolan. Others present were Charles Larsen, ZBA Chairman, Laurence Saulpaugh, Fire Chief, Rebecca Sethi,  Hamlet Steering Committee Chair, Richard Roth of the Independent, and twelve residents.


Supervisor Banks called the meeting to order with a moment of silent prayer for Alfred Mastro who passed away on March 29, 2006.  Mr. Mastro was a past Supervisor of Clermont, a member of the Clermont Fire Department, was born in Clermont and laid to rest in the Clermont Cemetery. 


Councilwoman Lent made a motion to leave a blank page in the minutes in remembrance of Alfred Mastro, seconded by Councilman Harned.  


After a salute to the flag, a motion was made by Councilwoman Lent, seconded by Councilman Harned to approve the minutes of the March meeting as copies have been provided.  All in favor.  So carried.



·         Website – Councilman Harned reported that the website is in the process of being updated.  There are a few areas that have not been complete but he is working on it.

·         Rebecca Sethi, chairperson for the Hamlet Committee, reported that the raffle drawing from the survey would be held on Tuesday, April 11, 2006 at 7:30 P.M. at the meeting with Behan Associates, Town Board and Hamlet Committee.  Behan Associates will submit three design alternatives at that meeting.



·         Town Clerk’s report for March – Check for $1,177.55. 

A motion was made to approve the report by Councilman Harned, seconded by Councilwoman Lent.  All in favor.  So carried.

·         The Supervisor read the building inspectors Report for 2005.

52 Building Permits

  4 Referrals to Zoning Board of Appeals

48 Certificates of Occupancy issued to varied users

60 Certificates of Occupancy search/pre-date letters

  5 Remedy orders sent

  2 Appearance Tickets issued

  6 Courtesy Letters sent

  3 Written complaints received

   1 Foil Request

·         Letter from Legal Aid Society of Northeastern N.Y. advising that they provide advocacy in civil legal matters for low income people.


Page 2                                                  Town Board Meeting                            April 3, 2006


·         A thank you will be written to Kenneth Maus, thanking him for repairing two chairs from the Community House, which Ray Tousey asked him to repair.

·        The Special Needs Program is celebrating its 25th year providing services to developmentally disabled citizens of Columbia County.  They will hold a picnic on July 21, 2006 at 1351 Route 66, Ghent between 11:00 – 6:00 PM.

·        Columbia County Planning Department notifying that there is a 30-day public comment period on the Agricultural District #4 review.

·        Received notice of public hearings in the Town of Red Hook on zoning issues:

Flag Lots and Lighting will be the subject for amendment on April 4, 2006 at 7:15 and 7:25 P.M. at the Town Hall.

·        Received the proposed changes to Solid Waste user fee schedule from Columbia County Solid Waste Department.

·        Kleeber Agency sent a notice, which must be posted in all buildings to comply with the Workers Compensation Board.  They have been posted in the Town Hall and Garage.

·        Letter from Morris Associates, engineer for the Town on the Ackerman Subdivision on Route 9 to Albert Trezza regarding Performance Bond on road construction.

Developer must still address some issues and the engineer is recommending extension of the bond or a modification to the bond amount.

·        Received fully executed agreement with C. T. Male Associates from Kimberlea Shaw Rea, our environmental attorney on the Restoration Project of the former Hettling property on Route 9.

·        Keep Farming Grant - Councilwoman Lent has met with representatives of Livingston, Germantown and Clermont.  The next meeting will be Thursday, April 13, 2006.  She would like to form a committee of Diane Palazzo, Harold Rockefeller, Charles Larsen, Peter Fingar, John Meyers and Nancy Moore.

·        The tenth annual Easter Egg Hunt will be held on Saturday, April 15 from 12:00 P.M. to 2:00 P.M. on the town grounds.  Councilwoman Lent asked for volunteers, set up will begin at 9:30 or 10:00 on Saturday.

·        Highway Superintendent Potts has purchased a used Wood chipper for $7500 which is within the budget.




·        Supervisor Banks has reviewed several resumes for a Town Attorney.  Attorneys Tal Rappleyea, who holds positions in the County Attorneys Office and represents several towns in Columbia county, Andrew B. Howard and Robert J. Fitzsimmons, of Connor, Curran & Schram in Hudson. Discussed whether or not this falls within the procurement policy and should be treated as such.  Supervisor Banks stated that there is $8000 budgeted for attorney fees.  The fees for Attorneys Howard and Fitzsimmons are $165 per hour for general counsel work and $185 per hour for litigation work. 


A motion was made by Councilman Harned to appoint Attorneys Andrew Howard and Robert Fitzsimmons of Connor, Curran & Schram.  Councilwoman Lent seconded the

Page 3                                        Town Board Meeting                          April 3, 2006


motion.  Supervisor Banks asked if there was any further discussion.  Councilman Harned, Councilwoman Lent, Councilman Staats, aye, Councilman Nolan abstained because he is not familiar with the procurement procedure policy.  So carried.


·        Discussion on C.T.Male contract for remediation of former Hettling property, now owned by the Town as to whether it was a an RFP or RFQ bid.  It is a quality-based bid, not monetary.  The town will receive $99,000 from the Department of Environmental Conservation for this project, with the town’s share of $11,000 bringing the total to $110,000. Councilman Nolan asked what Ms. Rea has billed to date and if transfers are necessary to cover costs overruns.



·        Hudson Champlain celebration – Bruce Naramore of the Clermont Historic site is meeting with Jim Moogan of DEC to try to bridge the railroad tracks at the Clermont site which would help greatly with the planned celebration. 

·        Councilman Nolan attended a USDA Rural Development workshop given by the Association of Towns on grant and loan programs

·        Supervisor Banks reported on the proposal for new voting machines.  The County is seeking relief from the mandates due to the costs and uncertainty of the various machines reliability.

·        Town Clerk Mary Shannon would like to replace the window shades in the Town Hall.  A motion was made by Councilman Harned, seconded by Councilwoman Lent to replace the window shades.  All in favor.  So carried.

·        The Town Clerk will check with the building inspector in regard to the complaint made about junk cars on Pleasantvale Road.

·        Councilwoman Lent will check with Marilyn Kaplan of Preservation Architecture on the costs for repair to the wainscoting on the ceiling in the Community House. 

·        The Village Green committee will meet on Tuesday, April 4 at the Town Hall on the Barbecue.   No firm date has been set at this time, but it is believed it will be Saturday, August 12.


A motion was made by Councilman Harned, seconded by Councilwoman Lent to approve Highway abstract #4, vouchers 32-35 in the amount of $8846.47.  All in favor.  So carried.


A motion was made by Councilman Harned, seconded by Councilwoman Lent to approve General abstract #4, vouchers 81-105 in the amount of $17271.39.  All in favor.  So carried. 


A motion was made by Councilman Harned, seconded by Councilwoman Lent to approve Trust & Agency abstract #3, vouchers #6-8 in the amount of $560.70.  All in favor.  So carried.




Page 4                                     Town Board Meeting                            April 3, 2006


Judith Neary asked about burn permits.  There is a countywide no burn order at the present.  Under normal circumstances if you wanted to burn brush, etc. notify County 911 center that you are having a controlled burn. 


A motion was made to adjourn at 8:35 P.M. by Councilwoman Lent, seconded by Councilman Harned.  All in favor.


Respectfully submitted,



 Mary Helen Shannon

Town Clerk