June 6, 2005

The Clermont Town Board held its regular town board meeting on Monday, June 6, 2005 at 7:00 P.M.   Those present were Supervisor William E. Banks, Councilwoman Lent, Councilman Harned and Councilman Tousey.   Councilman Staats was absent. Others present were Paul Doherty, Larry Saulpaugh, Gary Beck, George Davis, Judith Neary, Elizabeth Maher, Diane O’Neil, Anne Poleschner, Doris Pease, Carol Livellara, Rebecca Sethi, Donna Benware, Charles Larsen, Richard Pawlak, Paul Koch, James Funk, Walter Brembs, Nancy Moore, Bram Moreinis, Art Voestch, Margaret Innerhoffer and Richard Roth of the Independent newspaper.

Supervisor Banks opened the Town Board meeting.    A motion was made by Councilwoman Lent and seconded by Councilman Tousey to waive the reading of the minutes and accept them as presented.   All in favor.   So carried.



Paul Koch on the LaMunyan C & D Landfill site on Route 9G – Maintains there has been no proper remediation or monitoring of the site. Has concerns about activity on site and asked what are the intentions for the site and whether a building permit has been issued.   The owner of the property has stated that he will be using the existing building for storage of his equipment for his contracting business, no building permit has been issued.

Page 2                                       TOWN BOARD MEETING                    June 6, 2005

Mr. Koch wants all actions to cease and desist and the Board to do something.

Carol Livellara received a letter from Richard Forgea, Regional Solid and Hazardous Materials Engineer at DEC, dated 5/3l/05, stating that the department has not received a full site investigation nor a closure plan as required by the part 360 regulations.  

Supervisor Banks will discuss this with our Town Attorney, Al Trezza.

Donna Benware on Zoning – Mrs. Benware is in favor of increasing the existing one-acre zoning and has asked the Board what steps have to be taken to get it changed.   The Board has taken note of concerns of residents to increase the one-acre zoning and will take this into consideration at the next review of the zoning ordinance.  Usually it takes about one year to review, hold meetings, submit changes to the County Planning Board and hold the public hearing.   All agree that this is an issue that will be considered.

Judy Neary asked if the Bard Students had completed the projection of the Town of Clermont on how it will look in future years based on the comprehensive plan.   Councilman Tousey said that some data had been submitted to the committee.

Richard Pawluk asked if Clermont gives money to the Germantown Park for use by town residents. It is his understanding that Germantown if going to issue season permits for $10.00.   There was a public hearing held last month but no notification was sent to Clermont.   He is questioning giving them money and then being charged to use the facilities.   We do pay for the children’s park program.   Supervisor Banks will check into it.

Rebecca Sethi, chairwoman of the Hamlet Overlay committee had to leave but Bram Moreinis gave her report.   The Steering committee is meeting on the first and third Tuesdays at 7:30 P.M. at the Community House.   The committee did file for a $5000 planning grant from the Laura Jane Musser fund.   All grants must first go through the Town Board for approval but this grant did have a May 1 st deadline and they found out about it’s availability at a late date.   Therefore, after discussion, a motion was made by Councilwoman Lent, seconded by Councilman Tousey to write a letter of support for the Laura Jane Musser Fund $5,000 Planning Grant for rural initiative.   All in favor.   So carried.

Art Voetsch voiced his concerns over one acre zoning in the Town and wonders why we provide one-acre zoning when other towns don’t allow it.   It was explained that this was discussed earlier prior to him coming in and will be taken into consideration at the time of zoning review.

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The Clerk’s report was accepted on a motion made by Councilwoman Lent, seconded by Councilman Harned.   All in favor.   So carried.

and if necessary, to remediate the former Hettling property as an Environmental  Restoration Project.   A motion was made to approve Resolution #10-05 by Councilwoman Lent, seconded by Councilman Tousey.   A roll call vote was as follows: Tousey – aye;       Harned – aye;    Lent – aye;   Banks – aye

All in favor.   So carried.


Page 4                                 TOWN BOARD MEETING                    June 6, 2005

December.   A motion was made by Councilman Harned to authorize Marilyn Kaplan to proceed with roof and alternates using unexpended balance of the grant, seconded by Councilwoman Lent.   All in favor.   So Carried.

A motion was made to adjourn by Councilwoman Lent, seconded by Councilman Harned at 9:00 P.M.

Respectfully submitted,

Mary Helen Shannon

Town Clerk