DECEMBER 20, 2004

The Town Board held a special meeting on Monday, December 20, 2004 at 6:30 P.M. to meet with Peter Haemmerlein of The Kleeber Agency. Those present were Supervisor Banks, Councilman Staats, Councilwoman Lent and Councilman Tousey. Mr. Haemmerlein presented a proposal of insurance for the Town and Fire District through Selective Insurance. The differences between coverage by Selective Insurance and our present carrier New York Municipal Insurance Reciprocal were discussed. The total premium based on information provided is $20,098.94 compared to NYMIR’s premium of $23,757.00. It was noted that there is a capitalization fee required for joining NYMIR and it is payable over five years. If the Town did change carriers at this point, that fee would still be payable to NYMIR.

The Board thanked Mr. Haemmerlein for coming and giving this presentation.

The Town Board met with the Planning Boards and Zoning Board of Appeals immediately following on the proposed zoning updates. Those present were Charles Larsen, ZBA Chairman, Laurence Saulpaugh, Planning Board Chairman, Clayton Andrus, Amandus Fuchs, Garret O'Connor, Chris Nolan, Aldo Dusman of the Planning Board, Robert Desmond and Dan Wheeler, Town Engineer as well as Town Board members mentioned above.

Additional changes/ corrections:

Page 9 – Agriculture – line 6 - should be LAW

Page 11 – Driveways – Line 8 - should be THESE

Line 9 - should be REGRADING

Add – Approval for driveways on County/State Road should be

Issued by the appropriate agency.

Page 12 – Driveway Grade – DELETE

Page 20 – Roe Jan Corridor – Line 8 – should be 450 feet

Page 23 & 24 & 25 – Combine pages

Page 26 – Dimensions of Districts – Change Maximum Lot Coverage (%) in Hamlet to

45% and in the RLB to 45%

Page 28 – Lot Coverage – DELETE first sentence

Page 54 – Two Single-Family Dwelling Units – Line 4 – DELETE ‘Special Permit’

Page 69 – Flow Chart – the existing flow chart will be replaced with a new chart.

The new map was discussed and there will be changes made to it to better outline the hamlet area.

If Dan Wheeler can have the changes made by the January 3 rd meeting, it will be possible to schedule a public hearing for February. The next meeting will be held on January 31 st at 7:00 P.M.

Respectfully submitted,

Mary Helen Shannon, Town Clerk