Philip Seymour – Nevis Road   Ronald and Susan Rifenburgh – Banks Lane     

Gary Beck – Cemetery Road                (Bruce Potts and James C. Potts, Sr.)



January 11, 2006


The Clermont Planning Board held its regular meeting on Wednesday, January 11, 2006.  Those members present were Chairman Larry Saulpaugh, Clayton Andrus, Diane O’Neal, Robert Quierolo, Aldo Dusman and Garret O'Connor.  Others present were Susan Rifenburgh, Bruce Potts, Robert Desmond, Elizabeth Hammer, Philip Seymour, Timothy Ross, Engineer for Mr. Seymour, Lindsey Scholl of D. F. Wheeler Engineers, Gary Beck, Jr., and Judith Neary.  Diane O’Neal was appointed by the Town Board to fill the term of Chris Nolan.


Chairman Saulpaugh opened the regular meeting.  Bruce Potts and James C. Potts, Sr. have proposed a boundary line change to annex approximately 1.03 acres to the existing parcel of 1 acre + of Susan and Ronald Rifenburgh on Banks Lane.  The board reviewed the survey map and deed description prior to the scheduled public hearing.


A motion was made by Aldo Dusman, seconded by Robert Quierolo to open the public hearing of Bruce and James C. Potts, Sr.for a boundary line change to annex approximately 1.038 acres to an existing parcel of 1.06 acres belonging to Susan and Ronald Rifenburgh on Banks Lane.  Susan Rifenburgh, representing the applicants, presented notices sent to adjoining landowners, deed description of the new parcel and a completed SEQRA application.  There was no interested parties to speak for or against the proposal.

A motion was made to close the public hearing by Clayton Andrus, seconded by Aldo Dusman.  All in favor.  So carried.


After review of the SEQRA a motion was made by Aldo Dusman, seconded by Clayton to declare a negative declaration.  A motion was made to approve the boundary line by the Potts’ by Aldo Dusman, seconded by Garret O'Connor.  All in favor.  So carried.


Bruce Potts and James C. Potts, Sr. are requesting additional boundary line changes from the existing parcel on County Route 33.  Acreage is to be annexed to James Sr. residential lot on the corner of County Route 33 and Cemetery Road and to Bruce’ residential lot on County Route 33.  A public hearing will be scheduled for February 8 at 7:30 P.M.


Gary Beck of Z3 Consultants for the Cemetery Road subdivision addressed the board. 


·        The issues of the left-hand turn from Cemetery Road into the easterly access to the subdivision are still at issue.  The site distance cannot be improved for traffic heading in an easterly direction and turning into the site.  The site of the access road cannot be changed due to the distance between the entrance and exit to the site.  If our Highway Superintendent and our engineer will approve of a ‘no left turn’ sign at this location then the board will consider this alternative.

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·        There was discussion on retention pond and storm water runoff regarding maintenance.  There are several ways to handle, such as tax maintenance district, homeowner’s maintenance agreement.  The applicant should also contact our Highway Superintendent and engineer on their preferences for best handling this.  

·        Discussed meeting with the NYS Dept. of Transportation and the landowner of the property on the north side of Cemetery Road, where it intersects with Route 9G, regarding clearing brush in order to improve the site distance at the intersection and the possibility of erecting a fence on the landowners property if clearing is allowed.


Mr. Beck asked if these issues were resolved, if final approval could be granted.  A letter will be sent to Mr. Beck that the board would consider final approval at the next meeting contingent on these issues being resolved.


Philip Seymour, applicant and Tim Ross, engineer for the Nevis Road subdivision spoke with the board regarding several issues with this 13-lot subdivision on Nevis Road.

1.      Erosion control is noted on map

2.      Check dams – their construction and life expectancy, which is 15 years.

3.      Septic plans – The Health department is currently reviewing septic plans and within one to two weeks, Ed Van Nostrand should have comments ready.  Discussed pump stations for sewage removal, soil types and construction of systems.

4.      Water has been tested at two sites.

Lindsey Scholl has reviewed the latest plans, however Dan Wheeler must sign off on it and the Health department in order to approve any further.


A motion was made by Clayton Andrus, seconded by Aldo Dusman to adjourn at 9:15 P.M.


Respectfully submitted,



Mary Helen Shannon