Gary Beck – Z3 Consultants- Cemetery Road Randy Bloom

Alfred Jantzen, represented by Garret O'Connor Amandus Fuchs

MARCH 9, 2005

The Clermont Planning Board held its regular meeting on Wednesday, March 9, 2005. Those members present were Chairman Larry Saulpaugh, Clayton Andrus, Aldo Dusman, Garret O'Connor, Mandy Fuchs, Robert Quierolo and Chris Nolan. Others present were Elizabeth Maher, Gary Beck, Jr. Z3 Consultants for Cemetery Road project, Jay Trapp, D.F. Wheeler Engineering firm, Randy Bloom and Richard Jones, engineer for Ms. Bloom.

Chairman Saulpaugh opened the meeting at 7:35 P.M. A motion was made by Chris Nolan, seconded by Garret O'Connor to approve the minutes with correction. All in favor. So carried.

Gary Beck, Z3 Consultants and the board discussed the review of the subdivision plans for subdivision on Cemetery Road made by D. F. Wheeler Engineers for the Town.

Randy Bloom, subdivision proposal for Langridge Road and Richard Jones, engineer for project explained the proposal for a five lot subdivision – 2.8 to 6.7 acre parcels. Ms. Blooms total acreage is 169 acres. These five lots would have access from Langridge Road, which is considered a user road. There was discussion on stormwater runoff, plan for entire property and how to treat the user road as a fee simple title transfer and its alignment. A letter will be written to Town Board, with a copy to Al Trezza, Town Attorney and Daniel Wheeler, town engineer for their review on how to consider the segment of road in relation to title, how to improve the user road alignment and address storm water management.


Garret O'Connor removed himself from the board at this time, in order to represent Alfred Jantzen in a proposal to subdivide 13.199 acres from property on Pleasantvale Road to be annexed to Garret’s acreage of 4.886.

Mandy Fuchs made a motion, seconded by Clayton Andrus to recommend waiving the notification of adjoining landowners of the entire 126 acre parcel, and just the landowners in the area designated on the map presented dated 3/05.

Mandy Fuchs made a motion to accept this map as a sketch plan for the boundary line change, seconded by Chris Nolan. All in favor. So Carried. A public hearing will be scheduled for April 13, 2005 at 7:30 P.M.

Mandy Fuchs removed himself from the board in order to discuss a proposed 2-3 lot subdivision on County Route 6, of lands predominantly in Germantown but with approximately 1/3 of an acre of one acre parcel situated in Clermont. He has asked how the board would like him to proceed. In the past, we have written a letter to the other Planning Board involved that they may take lead on project, but to advise us of the outcome.

A motion was made to adjourn by Mandy Fuchs, seconded by Garret O'Connor. All in favor. So carried.

Respectfully submitted,

Mary Helen Shannon