Gary Beck – Cemetery Road Project             Philip Seymour – Nevis Road Project

William Cole – Route 9G Project

                                            CLERMONT PLANNING BOARD

MAY 11, 2005

The Clermont Planning Board held its regular meeting on Wednesday, May 11, 2005.   Those members present were Chairman Larry Saulpaugh, Clayton Andrus, Aldo Dusman, and Mandy Fuchs.   Others present were Gary Beck – Z3 Consultants- Cemetery Road, Richard E. Barger, Engineer, David Seymour, William Cole, Doris Pease, Donna Boice Benware, Linda and Ronnie Clum, Chris Miller, Richard Popp, Billie Clark, Kevin Factor, Paul Doherty, Robert Desmond, Deran Mrizrakjian, Elizabeth Maher, Judith Neary, Denise Braun, Patricia Van Wagner, Peter Jennings, Donald Van Wagner, Artie Voetsch, Robert Carroll and Dan Wheeler, Town Engineer.


Chairman Saulpaugh opened the meeting at 7:30 P.M.   A motion was made by Clayton Andrus, seconded by Aldo Dusman to approve the minutes with a correction to Page 3, changing five-inch slab to five-foot slab. All in favor.   So carried.

Clayton Andrus made a motion; seconded by Aldo Dusman to close the meeting and open the hearing for the Cemetery Road Project of Z3 Builders represented by Gary Beck.   Our engineer, Dan Wheeler read his recommendations in letter of 5/10/05 covering six points as follows:

Discussed Storm water pollution prevention plan – SWEPP – if five acres or more are disturbed must have SWEPP plan.

Page 2                               CLERMONT PLANNING BOARD             May 11, 2005                      

The purpose of a hearing is for the public to say what their concerns are and Planning Board to address them.  

A motion was made by Clayton Andrus, seconded by Aldo Dusman, to close the public hearing and open the regular meeting.

David Seymour representing Philip Seymour on the proposed Nevis Road subdivision came before the board.   Dan Wheeler covered points in his letter to the Planning Board and copied to Mr. Seymour’s engineer.  

Donna Benware – wetlands – Applicants will have to show wetlands on maps

Linda Clum – traffic on Nevis Road and coming out onto Lasher Road.

Billy Cole is proposing a 30 x 120’ storage building on the former LaMunyan property on Route 9G, 300 feet off the road, south of the present building.   He would like to use

Page 3                           CLERMONT PLANNING BOARD                        May 11,2005

the garage for storage of his equipment.   The board would like an opinion from the Zoning Board as to whether this constitutes one use or two on three plus acres.

Paul Doherty has purchased property on Turkey Hill Road, formerly owned by Ricky Sharp.   He is seeking to have a trail connecting to other properties he owns in Dutchess County, which would border the future subdivision.   The trail would be used for horseback riding, snow mobiling, but four wheelers or dirt bikes would not be allowed.

A seminar will be held on May 24 th at 6:30 PM at Columbia Greene Community College on Planning and Zoning issues.

A breakfast will be held at Kozels in Ghent on Building Moratoriums on May 25 th at 8:00 AM.

A motion was made to adjourn at 10:00 PM by Clayton Andrus, seconded by Mandy Fuchs.  

Respectfully submitted,

Mary Helen Shannon