Philip Seymour – Nevis Road Ronald and Susan Rifenburgh – Banks Lane
Gary Beck – Cemetery Road Richard Bump – Hog Trough Road

December 14, 2005

The Clermont Planning Board held its regular meeting on Wednesday, December 14, 2005. Those members present were Chairman Larry Saulpaugh, Clayton Andrus, Chris Nolan, Amandus Fuchs, Robert Quierolo, Aldo Dusman and Garret O'Connor Others present were Lindsey Scholl of D. F. Wheeler Engineers, Albert Trezza, Town Attorney, Robert Desmond, Richard Bump, Gary Beck, Jr., Denise Braun, Paul and Maureen Doherty, Mary Funk and Philip Seymour.

Chairman Saulpaugh opened the meeting. The minutes were approved on a motion made by Chris Nolan and seconded by Aldo Dusman. A motion was made to close the regular meeting and open the public hearing by Garret O'Connor, seconded by Aldo Dusman.

The scheduled public hearing is on the three-acre subdivision of Denise Braun on Cemetery Road. The applicant submitted the certified receipts, survey maps, septic approval. It was determined that this parcel was not in the three acre Limited business zone. The 3.002 acres – Parcel 2 is being divided from a parcel of 6.7350 acres. Ms. Braun is retaining Parcel l – 3.733 acres. A motion was made to close the public hearing by Garret O'Connor, seconded by Aldo Dusman and to open the regular meeting.

On a motion made by Aldo Dusman, seconded by Garret O'Connor this project was declared to have a negative impact. A motion was made by Chris Nolan, seconded by Garret O'Connor to approve this subdivision as presented.

Gary Beck, Jr., Z3 Consultants presented plans by his engineer for either a one way road or a road with no left hand turn being allowed on the eastern access from Cemetery Road. The purpose is to try to eliminate the site distance problem when heading west on Cemetery Road. The board asked for Mr. Collins who did the traffic study to work with Mr. Becks engineer on a plan and give to our engineer to review. If Mr. Beck could stake out both ends of the proposed road, board members will meet with Gary at the site to see the problem first hand. It was also discussed as to whether the location of the road entrance could be changed but due to the wetlands and other setbacks it can not. Discussed open ditch drainage, rip rap stone in ditch and filter fabric. Chris Nolan made a motion, seconded by Aldo Dusman to continue the public hearing on the Cemetery Road subdivision. All in favor. So carried.

Richard Bump, Hog Trough Road and County Route 8 presented a proposal to subdivide 7.988 acres into three lots, 3.75 with existing house, 2.25 and 2 acres. They will contact Soil and Water conservation on soil types, County Highway for driveway permit, Town highway for Hog Trough Road is a driveway is needed, Conservation department for stream and the County Health Department for septic approval.

Page 2 Planning Board Minutes December 14, 2005

Phil Seymour discussed Homeowners Maintenance Agreement and Driveway Maintenance agreements with the board. Attorney Trezza sent a letter on review of these agreements for the common driveways, and easements and maintenance agreements for the storm-water drainage and retention walls and has found them satisfactory. He also reviewed an agreement allow homeowners to enter upon the lands of Knapp to repair and maintain the underground culvert presently existing and found it to be satisfactory. Attorney Trezza has also asked to be included in the agreements, that any claim brought against these easements or agreement be brought in Columbia County courts by the landowners. A motion was made by Chris Nolan, seconded by Aldo Dusman to continue the Seymour public hearing until next month. All in favor. So carried.

Chairman Saulpaugh and board members thanked Chris Nolan for fifteen years of service on the Planning Board. He is continuing on January 1, 2006 as Town Board member. A motion was made to adjourn by Garret O'Connor, seconded by Clayton at 9:50 P.M.

Respectfully submitted,

Mary Helen Shannon