Kenneth Casamento, Prime Development – Co. Route 6           Richard Jones – Moore Road

Paul Doherty – Huckleberry Crossing/Turkey Hill Road 

Faye Werner – Co. Route 6                                                     Ray Bauer – County Route 8



August 9, 2006


The Clermont Planning Board held its regular meeting on Wednesday, August 9, 2006.  Those members present were Chairman Larry Saulpaugh, Dianne O’Neal, Clayton Andrus, Garret O'Connor and Robert Quierolo.  Aldo Dusman and Mandy Fuchs were absent.  Others present were Robert Desmond, Irving Minkowitz, Kenneth Casamento of

Prime Development, Paul Doherty, Fay Werner, Richard Jones, Harry Brooks and Jason Morris.


Chairman Laurence Saulpaugh opened the meeting.  A motion was made to approve the July minutes by Garret O'Connor, seconded by Clayton Andrus.  All in favor.  So carried.


Ken Casamento, Prime Development discussed the proposed subdivision on County Route 6.  When doing the survey, it was found that County Route 6 was never dedicated to the County.  It is considered a user road.  A fifty-foot parcel will be dedicated to Columbia County or .8828 acres.  The applicants would like to do a minor subdivision of 2.093 (Parcel B) acres on the north side of County Route 6, which includes the house and barn.  They would also like to subdivide 20.44 acres (Parcel C) on the south side from the total acreage of 67.92 leaving a parcel of 44.508 (Parcel A) on the north.  The health department is presently working on the remaining property test sites.  Some of the requirements of the planning board that will have to be met before a public hearing can be held are as follows:

1.      Existing wells and septic within 200 feet of proposed subdivision should be shown on map.

2.      Show Ronald Seymours property on survey map

3.      Letter from County on road dedication.

4.      Show deep percolation sites on each parcel

5.      Driveway permit from County on new parcel

6.      Deed restriction

Mr. Casamento will return next month with changes.


Paul Doherty and his engineer, Jason Morris spoke about the proposed Huckleberry Crossing subdivision on Turkey Hill Road.  The ZBA chairman has referred them back to the planning board for a decision on the length of the proposed cul-de-sac in this plan.

There are five lots, which are in the Town of Milan, and the chairman suggested that Mr. Doherty speak to Highway Superintendent Potts about the maintenance of road where it goes into Milan.  There usually would be an agreement between towns as to maintenance and snow removal.  The length of one of the proposed cul-de-sacs is 1440 feet and the other is 550 feet, of which 300 feet is in Clermont.  There are two lots, which are in the Roe Jan Corridor.  There was discussion about SEQRA and the chairman will talk to Dan Wheeler about the distribution to agencies involved.



Page 2                                      Planning Board Minutes                        August 9, 2006


Faye Werner is proposing a subdivision of 11.622 acres from approximately 110 acres on the west side of County Route 6.  The board told Mrs. Werner what she would need for the public hearing next month:

1.      Show well and septic of Hinkeins on the map.

2.      Percolation test

3.      Driveway permit from Columbia County

4.      Deed descriptions of both parcels

5.      Notify adjoining landowners


Richard Jones would like to subdivide 4.81 acres on Moore Road into two parcels with a shared driveway.  The proposed lot sizes would be 2.59 acres and 2.22 acres.   He is proposing underground electric.  The following additional information is required:

1.      Shared driveway agreement

2.      Town driveway permit

3.      Percolation test

4.      Note wells and septic of adjoining properties

5.      Notify adjoining landowners

A public hearing will be held on September 13th at 7:30 P.M.  A motion was made by Clayton Andrus, seconded by Dianne O'Neal to accept the sketch plan submitted.  All in favor.  So carried.


Discussed a possible two-lot subdivision by Ray Bauer, County Route 8.  There is 246 feet road frontage, which is 44 feet short of the required 150-foot for each parcel.  There is currently a home and a trailer home, which was allowed for his mother by the Zoning Board of Appeals years ago.  There is 55 feet between the house and trailer, 59 feet side yard setback and a shared driveway.  Currently, Mr. Bauers brother lives in the trailer since his mother has passed away.  There was an agreement when first approved by the zoning board that the second residence would be allowed for Mr. Bauer’s mother, but then would have to be removed.  This will be referred to the ZBA.


A motion was made to adjourn by Garret O'Connor, seconded by Clayton Andrus at 9:05 P.M.


Respectfully submitted,



Mary Helen Shannon