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Guidelines for Recording
a Subdivision Map
in Columbia County

Steps and procedures recommended to avoid delays and problems when filing a subdivision

To file a subdivision map you must visit three offices: the Columbia County Clerk; Columbia County Real Property Tax Services; and the Columbia County Treasurer. When filing the subdivision map, you will be required to provide documentation and to pay a filing fee.

  1. The County Clerk's office should be the first stop with the subdivision map. It is necessary for that office to check the surveyor's original signature, to make sure the Planning Board's stamped date has not expired for recording the document, and to ensure that there are two (2) original maps that are no larger than 34-inches by 44-inches and no smaller than 8 1/2 inches by 11 inches.
  2. The next stop should be the Real Property Tax Services office. When there are any changes made on a map, it is necessary for that department to check over the map and attach its certification.
  3. The County Treasurer is required by the State of New York to certify that all land and school taxes are paid, and that the most current tax receipts be presented as verification to that office. The Treasurer will then attach certification with the County Treasurer's seal attesting that the taxes have been paid. Tax receipts must be presented to the County Treasurer's office (photocopies will suffice). The maps presented to the Treasurer's office must have the County Clerk's stamp affixed to the back of each map to be recorded, along with the certification from the office of Real Property Tax Services.
  4. Filing Fees: The person recording the map should be aware that both the County Clerk and Real Property Tax Services offices require payment of fees related to the filing of subdivision maps.
  5. For additional information, contact: the County Clerk (518) 828-3339; Office of Real Property Tax Services (518) 828-7334; or the County Treasurer (518) 828-0513.

March 2002
Columbia County Treasurer Kenneth H. Wilber