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Author: Kris Gildersleeve

Planning Board Agenda for March 10, 2021

1795 Route 9
Clermont, NY 12526
March 10, 2021
7:30 PM


  2. REVIEW & APPROVAL OF MINUTES February 10, 2021
    a. Public Hearing for Marissa Rendon, 23 Maisello Road, Tax ID #201.-1-33, regarding the application for ground a mounted
    solar system.
    b. The continuation for the Public Hearing for Billy Cole, storage units at 3541 Route 9G, Clermont, Tax Map ID#190.-1-4, will not be held tonight and will be postponed until the April 14, 2021 meeting.
    1. Project discussion for Chris Nolan, 67 Commons Road, Tax ID #192.-1-7.120, minor subdivision.
    2. Project discussion for Dee Ann Campbell,180 Shields Road, Tax Map ID #210.-1-28, Solar Array.
    3. Project discussion for Brendon and Christie Hegarty, 175 & 195 Cemetery Road.

Public Notice:

NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that on the 1st day of March, 2021, the Town Board of the Town of Clermont, County of Columbia, New York, duly adopted a resolution, an abstract of which follows, which resolution is subject to a permissive referendum pursuant to Article 7 of the Town Law of the State of New York:

Said resolution authorizes the Town Supervisor to execute a Quit Claim Deed returning certain portions of unused land that were taken in connection with a right of way project in 1949 to the current owner, Christopher Nolan, the Town Board having found and resolved that the subject portion of land is excess and unused land that can be abandoned and revert back to the landowner subject to said Landowner paying for all surveying, legal and filing costs relative to same.

A copy of the resolution is available for public inspection during normal business hours at the Office of the Town Clerk located at the Clermont Town Hall, 1795 Route 9, Town of Clermont, County of Columbia and State of New York

Town Board – March 2021

MARCH 1, 2021

The Clermont Town Board held their regular monthly meeting on Monday March 1, 2021 at the Town Hall after the Park committee workshop. Those present were Supervisor Raymond Staats, Councilman Robert Desmond, Councilman Kris Gildersleeve, Councilwoman Dawn Brownson and Councilwoman Lindsey Lusher Shute. Others present were Chris Nolan and Mary Helen Shannon, Deputy Town Clerk. Present on zoom were Jennifer Phillips and Phyllis Heiko.

Supervisor Staats opened the regular meeting with the salute to the flag.


The minutes of the February meeting were distributed to the board and accepted.


  • TOWN CLERK’S REPORT: The Town Clerk read the town clerk’s report for February and presented the Supervisor with a check for the General Fund for $3,366.35 and for Trust and Agency in the amount of $1,000.00.
  • The Town Clerk reported that a representative of New York Transco Energy Solution

was here to update the information on the work being done on the transmission lines through Columbia County on the laptop that they have provided for residents to review.

  • Web Committee Correspondence: There was none.
  • The Supervisor provided the budget and revenue reports for February.


  • Veterans Memorial/Parks: Councilman Desmond reported that there has been no movement on the pathway to the Veterans Memorial. It is still in good shape after the winter. The little league field, soccer field and other improvements which have been made at the park with little or no taxpayer funds, have been said to be some of the best in the county. Donations and grants made this possible. Councilwoman Brownson asked if we had received a report from the NYS DEC on the monitoring wells. The Supervisor has not seen anything. Councilwoman Lusher Shute agreed that there has been great progress on the property. The Climate Taskforce will submit a resolution at the next meeting identifying the purpose of the taskforce. They will be seeking volunteers interested in participating. Councilman Gildersleeve would like more information on the purpose of the taskforce and what they are planning on doing.
  • Councilman Gildersleeve has begun using the recording device for use at the meetings. This is available for any of the boards to use at meetings. The Zoning Board of Appeals has opted not to use it and it is unknown if the planning board will use it. They are not required to, it is optional.
  • Councilwoman Brownson did apply for a grant from the Bank of Greene County for up to $2500 to be used for the purchase of ADA swings, stencils to mark out lines for sports, etc. She also is looking into a grant from the Columbia Land Conservancy for $500.00 to apply toward sign for park entrance. There is also a grant due 4/14 to AARP Community Challenge but she has to find out what can be applied for.


  • Supervisor Staats reported that we received the 4th quarter sales tax in the amount of $116,640.08. He said that this is up over 8% over 2019.
  • Discussed bank rates, which have gone down in recent months. He will be looking at other banks for a higher CD rate.
  • Workplace Violence/Sexual Harassment Training: Employees will be required to watch a video provided by the county and will be notified with a link by the Town Clerk. There will be other options to get the training if needed.


  • Code Enforcement Officer Sam Harkins has requested that the Deputy Code Enforcement Officer position be filled with Blythe Harkins as per budgeted amount of $100.00 per month. The board did meet with Ms. Harkins and a motion was made to appoint her to the position by Councilman Desmond, seconded by Councilwoman Lusher Shute. All in favor. So carried.
  • Resolution #39 of 2021: A resolution by the Town Board to release and Quit Claim a portion of land on Commons Road now owned by Chris Nolan. This abandonment of property is subject to permissive referendum and upon approval by the board will be noticed as such. A motion was made by Councilman Gildersleeve, seconded by Councilman Desmond. A roll call vote was as follows: Councilman Desmond, aye; Councilman Gildersleeve, aye; Councilwoman Brownson, aye; Councilwoman Lusher Shute, aye, Supervisor Staats, aye. All in favor. Motion passed.
  • Supervisor Staats received a Intermunicipal Agreement – County Roads/Bridges which the County is asking for the Town Supervisors of Clermont, Germantown and Livingston to sign.
  • PARK ENTRANCE SIGN: After discussion at the workshop for the parks, a motion was made to purchase a sign for the park entrance on route 9 from Monkey & The Mule up to $1000.00 and Dutchess Signs for $625.00 to be paid from the budget account 7110.4 by Councilman Desmond, seconded by Councilwoman Lusher Shute. All in favor. So carried.


  • VACCINES: Supervisor Staats reported that the County is getting a supply of COVID vaccines and will be scheduling vaccinations.


A motion was made by Councilman Gildersleeve, seconded by Councilman Desmond to approve General prepaid abstract #3, vouchers #43-45 in the amount of $308.96 to be paid. All in favor. So carried.

A motion was made by Councilman Desmond, seconded by Councilman Gildersleeve to approve Highway abstract #3, vouchers #10 – 20 in the amount of $15,835.48 to be paid. All in favor. So carried.

A motion was made by Councilwoman Brownson, seconded by Councilman Gildersleeve to approve General abstract #3A, vouchers #46-71 in the amount of $6,050.71 to be paid. All in favor. So carried.

PUBLIC COMMENT: There was none.


A motion was made to enter into executive session to discuss contract negotiations by Councilman Gildersleeve, seconded by Councilwoman Lusher Shute at 8:15 P.M. All in favor. So carried.

A motion was made to come out of executive session by Councilman Gildersleeve, seconded by Councilwoman Lusher Shute at 8:30 P.M. All in favor. So carried.

A motion was made to adjourn at 8:30 P.M. by Councilman Gildersleeve, seconded by Councilman Desmond. All in favor. So carried.

Respectfully submitted,
Mary Helen Shannon, RMC
Deputy Town Clerk

Town Board – March 2021 Workshop

MARCH 1, 2021

The Town Board met with members of the Park Committee to discuss the maintenance of the parks this Spring and months ahead. Those present were Supervisor Staats, Councilman Robert Desmond, Councilwoman Brownson, Councilman Kris Gildersleeve and Councilwoman Lindsey Lusher Shute. Members of the park committee present were Amy Parrella, Louise Kalin, Dianne O’Neal, Jennifer Phillips and Phyllis Heiko by zoom. Also present was Chris Nolan, Town Clerk Tracey Gallant, Mary Helen Shannon, Deputy Town Clerk.

  • The committee presented ideas for the old apple trees left after remediation was completed and whether to remove or prune those that can be saved. Discussion centered on expense of pruning and maintaining or removing.
  • Committee member Jennifer Phillips will donate topsoil for the NW corner of the park at the Monarch Meadow natural area.
  • Remove trash and debris from the vernal pool and stream.
  • The locations for the park benches, which have been put together and stored, have been marked for placement in the park.
  • Snow removal will be done when it can be during the winter by the Highway department and mowing will also be done but the committee is looking at less mowing so as to preserve natural areas and wildlife habitat.
  • Suggested locations for the porta-potty were also discussed and fencing around perimeter of the property. Estimates have been received for fencing, however, Supervisor Staats has an issue with spending on fencing when we still have to provide screening. The committee will have a map to the perimeter of the property.
  • The committee has also received estimates for a park entrance sign from Terrabilt for a composite sign frame and sign board & design but no assembly or installation, $5000.00.

Dutchess Signs for $1,000. Includes PVC sign and installation, Monkey & the Mule, $930 includes custom built wood sign frame and installation, doe not include sign board and Fast Signs $600 double sided heavy sign. The split rail fencing for the right and left of entrance would be estimated to cost $11,000.00 from Roma Fencing.

  • ADA Swing – an affordable swing would cost approximately $300 or so.

The committee would like to form a Friends Group for the Park so that they can apply for grants that are eligible for 5012c organizations. Dianne O’Neil spoke about these types of organizations. Will have to determine if this can be done for the town. Linsey will follow-up on what is needed.

Respectfully submitted,
Mary Helen Shannon, Deputy Town Clerk