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Parks & Recreation

Parks in Clermont

Clermont has two adjacent recreational parks: Clermont Park and Hettling Park at Clermont. When combined, these two parks offer a complex of over 26 acres of outdoor space for the community to enjoy. Both parks are owned and managed by the Town of Clermont.

Clermont Park, located at 1212 Route 6, offers several opportunities for sports and recreation, namely swings, half basketball court, little league baseball field, vernal pool, and hiking trails.

Hettling Park at Clermont, located at 1811 Route 9, offers soccer fields, walking trails and a hilltop veterans monument with fabulous views of the Catskill Mountains.

Clermont’s Future Park Complex

In 2018, the Clermont Town Board decided to permanently preserve, protect, maintain, improve and enhance its natural resources, parkland and recreational opportunities for current and future generations. To that end, the Town Board created the volunteer Park Committee to provide recommendations for the development of the park, draft a proposed budget associated with the recommendations, identify potential funding sources and recommend a phased implementation plan.

The future park complex will include Clermont Park and Hettling Park at Clermont, and will feature universal design/ADA accessibility, sustainable and wildlife-friendly plantings, an all abilities playground, wayfinding and interpretive signage, and benches.

Details on improvements to Clermont Park and the Plan for Hettling Park at Clermont can be found here.

The Park Committee is always looking for new members and volunteers. If you are interested in joining this all-volunteer effort, please complete this form.

Find additional park information here: