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Clermont Comprehensive Plan – 2022 Update Process


Welcome to the Town of Clermont Comprehensive Plan webpage. The Town of Clermont began the process for updating its Comprehensive Plan and Local Land Use Laws in January 2022. Please visit this page to share your ideas and stay up-to-date on the latest information and public engagement activities related to the Town’s Comprehensive Plan Update.

What is a Comprehensive Plan?

  • A Comprehensive Plan is both a Vision for the future and a blue print for how to get there.
  • The Comprehensive Plan will:
    • Create a framework for the future on a range of topic areas, including, but not limited to economic development, agriculture, tourism, housing, conservation, infrastructure, and community services.
    • Include specific strategies and recommended actions to help the Town achieve its collective vision.
    • Help the Town in updating zoning and other local laws, allocating resources in the annual budget, and aligning town actions with the adopted policies.

Why Update the Comprehensive Plan?

The Town’s current Comprehensive Plan was prepared in 2002 followed by the 2006 Clermont Hamlet Vision Plan. Since that time, the Town and the region has experienced changes in the economy, housing, demographics, infrastructure conditions, land use, recreation, and community needs. The new Comprehensive Plan will set forth an updated direction that is reflective of current community conditions and a vision for the future of the Town of Clermont.

What is the Process?

The planning process is divided into three Phases:

  • Phase 1 Vision Clermont: The Town will focus on collecting and evaluating existing information and meeting with residents, visitors, and business owners through a series of outreach events. Based on the feedback gathered, the Town will prepare the “Vision Clermont” Report. This report will summarize the information gathered, include a community profile, and will identify the Vision Statement, Goals, and Objectives. The report will also identify preliminary issues and potential projects to be addressed in the second phase of the planning process.
  • Phase 2: Comprehensive Plan Development: Upon completion of Phase 1, the Town will begin the process of drafting the Comprehensive Plan recommendations based on the guidance set forth in the Vision, Goals, and Objectives. The Draft Plan recommendations will be presented to the public during a Workshop followed by additional opportunities to learn about the Draft Plan and provide feedback, including one or more public hearings.
  • Phase 3 Land Use Codes Update: Based on the direction set forth in the Comprehensive Plan, the Town will draft potential updates to its local land use laws, including Zoning and Subdivision regulations. This process will be supported by additional focus group meetings, public workshops, and one or more public hearings.

Who is Involved?

The planning process is being guided by the Comprehensive Plan and Land Use Law Update Committee appointed by the Town Board and facilitated by a consultant team lead by LaBella Associates. The Town is also seeking input from residents, visitors, and business owners.

How to Get Involved?

The Planning process includes several opportunities for residents, visitors, and business owners to learn about and contribute to the new Comprehensive Plan. Be on the lookout for “Pop-Up” events at local businesses, informational workshops, a Community Survey, and other opportunities to contribute to your new Comprehensive Plan.

If you have questions or suggestions please contact the Committee at: