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The Academy and Historic Schools

The Academy, built 1834 (Photo courtesy LaVerne Saulpaugh via Bill Banks)

The first public school in the State of New York was established in 1791 on the edge of the road in front of the site where the Town Hall now stands. The Clermont Academy in the village was built in 1834 on land given by Edward Livingston. The south room was rented to the district for school purposes, the north room was used by the Christian Endeavor Society. The large room in the upper part was used for religious services and Sunday School.

In all there were 5 school districts in Clermont:

  • District 1 “Clermont Academy”
  • District 2 School House at Nevis this building was moved and is now the home of Mrs. Purdy.
  • District 3 School House at an intersection of roads running E. of Clermont and Nevis, this is now the home of Mary Hinkein
  • District 4 Near the “Cross” farm on a road running N to Germantown. This building is now the Clermont Fire House No. 2
  • District 5 School in the NE part of town, Tomlins live there now.

On June 16, 1944, Clermont School District No. 1 closed its season and also saw the ending of the school’s usefulness in teaching the children of Clermont, Site of NY first Public School in 1791. New York State’s 1st Public School was established in Clermont in 1791. It was located on the Village Green where the Academy now stands. The Academy open in 1834 as a high school, and is presently used for community affairs.

Now the Academy is called “The Community House”