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Fire Commissioners – April 2018

                                                            FIRE COMMISSIONERS MEETING

                                                                          APRIL 16, 2018

The Clermont Fire Commissioners held their regular meeting on Monday, April 16, 2018 at 7:00 P.M. at the Town Hall.  Those present were Commissioner Susan Rifenburgh, Commissioner Ronald Rifenburgh, Commissioner Laurence Saulpaugh and Commissioner Raymond Bauer.  Commissioner Ron Miller was absent.  Also present were Chief Lloyd Kukon, Treasurer Denise Fiore and Robert Desmond.

MINUTES: A motion was made to accept the minutes of the March meeting by Commissioner Bauer, seconded by Commissioner Saulpaugh.  All in favor.  So carried.


Total amount of March invoices paid                                                 $  7,042.07

Proposed April invoices                                                                      $  8,822.48  *

Paid April invoices                                                                              $     665.28  *

Total                                                                                                    $9,487.76

*Adjusted totals for additional invoices totaling $6,067.14

Reconciliation of Accounts:

            The Bank of Greene County balances to date:

            Money Market Checking balance                                           $190,494.96

            Checking Balance                                                                   $    4,324.21

            Less Outstanding Checks                                                       $    3,005.89

            Checking Balance to date                                                       $    1,318.32

Money Market & Checking account total                                          $191,813.28

Capital Reserve Fund for Fire Equipment                                          $  29,713.52

Capital Reserve Fund for Construction & Improvement                   $  33,649.76

A motion was made to accept the Treasurer’s report by Commissioner Saulpaugh, seconded by Commissioner Bauer.  All in favor.  So carried.


  • Received return receipts from certified letters to Fred Gooderham and Jim Connolly.
  • Received Certificate of Liability insurance from Milan Volunteer Fire Company as requested.
  • RBC Wealth Management March report – $370938.54
  • Penflex – One firefighter will be receiving an increase of monthly participant amount effective May 1, 2018 of $20.00 per month retroactive to January 1, 2018.
  • Received physicals for John Myers, Mark Schiller, Tyler Case, Samuel Williams, Ronald Rifenburgh.
  • Received training certificates for 22 members for the OSHA class held on 2-21-18 and training certificates for Chief Kukon for Thermal Imaging and the John J Mulligan Memorial Training Seminar.
  • Fire District Affairs – April – May
  • Information was passed out on preparing for PESH inspections.
  • Accident policy for Fire Company Auxiliary was received.

BUILDING AND GROUNDS: Commissioners Bauer and Saulpaugh

  • The Commissioners asked Commissioner Bauer if his brother will be mowing this year at Station #1.  He will check with him.
  • Commissioner Bauer is working on getting prices for painting the roof.

INSURANCE: Commissioner R. Rifenburgh and Miller

  • AUXILIARY ACCIDENT POLICY: The district will keep the policy for Auxiliary on file.

FIRE EQUIPMENT: Commissioners Bauer and Saulpaugh

  • The pump tests were done and every thing went well.
  • The Chief said that pagers that were taken out of service and declared surplus equipment were sold and a check received for $100.00.   He learned that the Schoharie could use any radio equipment that we have.  The Chief will get items to them.

LOSAP: All Commissioners

The Treasurer Denise Fiore reported that our accountant Brian Fitzgerald will no longer be able to do the LOSAP audit. It needs to be done by a corporation and the minimum cost is $5000.00. She inquired with the accountants of Sickler/Torchia and they estimated the cost could be up to $6000.00 because it is time consuming and they would have to review past reports. Chairwoman Rifenburgh did check into this and was told that it is mandatory to do the audit but found that other districts do it every other year or even every three years.  She asked if there were any repercussions if it is not done every year and there have not been any.  We did not budget for this year but will budget in the future.

MOTION: After discussion a motion was made by Commissioner R. Rifenburgh, seconded by Commissioner Bauer to not do the LOSAP audit.

LAWS AND POLICIES: All Commissioners

Chairwoman Rifenburgh reported on a new law that was passed in 2017 establishing cancer disability benefit insurance.  The district has to purchase this benefit for interior firefighters each year.  They must be an interior firefighter having five years before they are eligible.  The cost is anywhere from $300 to $350 each.  We have to keep records on who has had the FIT test and is an interior firefighter.  It will be necessary to tighten up who is considered an interior firefighter.

LEGAL: All Commissioners

No report


  • Chairwoman Rifenburgh will get the television for Station #1 that was discussed last month and Commissioner Saulpaugh will see that it is hooked up.
  • GEAR: The Chief will be having a representative measure those that need gear. There will have a total for next month.
  • Captain Coon requested reimbursement for Nomax thread and have a pocket repaired on his bunker pants. A motion was made by Commissioner Bauer, seconded by Commissioner Saulpaugh to reimburse him.  All in favor.  So carried.
  • FACE MASKS: The Chief requested approval to purchase two face masks at $280.00 each and two cases at $20.00 each. A motion to approve the purchase was made by Commissioner Saulpaugh, seconded by Commissioner Bauer.  All in favor.  So carried.
  • Discussed the batteries for the difibrillators.  The Captain is looking into this.




There were eleven calls for March as follows:

3/2/18 – Wires down – Route 9G & Cemetery Road

               Wires down – 1424 Route 9

               Wires down – 451 County Route 6

               Wires down – 109 Hogtrough Road

               Wires down – 1431 Route 9

               Wires down – 372 Cedar Hill Road

               Wires down – 48 Cedar Hill Road

3/14/18 – Structure Fire – Mutual aid to Livingston

3/21/18 – AAPI – 169 Commons Road

3/26/18 – AAPI – 9G & County Route 6

3/30/18 – Possible Structure Fire – 6 Mill Road

Monthly drill – Brush fire drill with Tivoli Fire Department

Discussed reporting when there are multiple calls on the same date, such as storm damage, wires down, etc. Suggested reporting them on one call sheet.

A motion was made to pay the bills with the additional proposed invoices in the amount of $6,067.14 by Commissioner Saulpaugh, seconded by Chairwoman Susan Rifenburgh.  All in favor  So carried.

FUEL USAGE: 10.2 GALS through 3/20/18.

A motion was made to adjourn at 8:40 Commissioner R. Rifenburgh, seconded by Commissioner Bauer.

Respectfully submitted,

Mary Helen Shannon

Fire District Secretary