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Town Board Budget Workshop – September 2018

                                                              CLERMONT TOWN BOARD MINUTES

                                                         BUDGET WORKSHOP – SEPTEMBER 19, 2018

The Town Board held a budget workshop on September 19, 2018 at 6:30 P.M. at the Town Hall to discuss the proposed budget for 2019 and any other business which may come before the board.

Those present were Supervisor Raymond Staats, Councilman Robert Desmond, Councilwoman Dawn Brownson and Councilman Evan Hempel.  Councilman Kris Gildersleeve was not able to attend.

Supervisor Staats opened the budget workshop at 6:30 p.m.

The following General Fund Appropriation accounts have been proposed to be increased or decreased for 2019:


 A-1355.4 Contractual – increase to $4,750.00 from $750 for the County to do the valuations with the Assessor’s data collection for 2019.


A-1620.4 Contractual – increase to $20,500 for repairs to the Community house from the May 15, 2018 hail storm damage. This will be offset by the insurance funds received.

Central Communications

 A-1650.4 contractual – Increased to $4,600 from $4,500.

Special Items

 A-1910.4 – Unallocated Insurance – Increased by $500 to $15,000.

Examining Boards

 A3610.1 – Personal Services – increased by $250 to $1,000 due to possibility of increase in grievances.

Superintendent of Highways

 A5010.1 – Personal Services -Increase of Superintendents salary to $50,533.00, a 2% increase which is $990.00. The salary is still lower than most in the County.


 A7110.41 – contractual – decrease by $3,500 to $10,000 offset by $10,000 in the Park Reserve. A7110.42 Brownfields – reduced to zero from $5,000.


A8010.11 Personal Services CEO – increased to $9,000 from $7,500 for Code Enforcement Officers salary.

A-8010.2 Equipment – increase to $300.00 from zero for air conditioner for Code enforcement officers office.

Employee Benefits

A-9030.8 Social Security – increased to $10,224 for salary increases.

A-9060.8 Hospitalization & Medical – increased to $8,800 from $8,400 due to possible increases


The following General Fund Revenues are proposed to be increased or decreased for 2019:

Interest and Penalties on Real Property Taxes – A1090 increased to $4000 from $3500.

Distribution by County – A-1120 Sales Tax – increase to $170,000 from $165,000.

Cable Franchise Fee – A-1170 – decrease to $1200 from $1300.

Tobacco Settlement – A-2290 – increase to $12,200 from $11,800.

Building Permits – A2555 – Increase to $7000 from $5000 due to increase in permits issued.

Interfund Transfer – A5031 – Increase to $20,500 to offset Data Collection payment to County.




General Repairs

DA5110.1 Personal Services – increase to $83,200.00 from $81,562 for salaries of two full time highway employees.  Hourly rate for full time – $19.97, hourly rate for part time – $12.50.

DA5110.12 Personal Services Overtime – Increase to $8500 from $8365.


DA5112.2 Equipment – Increase to $45,000 from $36903 for blacktopping, stone topping.

DA5112.4 CHIPS reimbursable – decrease to $46,500 from $57097.

DA5112.22 Pave NY – decrease to zero from $2000.


DA5120.4 Contractual – decrease to $1000 from $1500.


DA5130.2 Equipment – Increase to $86,000 from $3,500 for purchase of 2019 Chevrolet 5500 Dump Truck and Plow for $75,000 to replace 2006 F550 Dump Truck and Plow. New mower head for Alamo mower at a cost of $11,000.

Brush and Weeds

DA5140.4 Contractual – Increase to $16,000 from $14,000 for increase in costs for gas and diesel fuel

Snow Removal

DA5142.4 Contractual – Increase to $26,000 from $25,000 for sand & salt, plow parts & tires.

Employee Benefits

DA9030.8 Social Security – increased to $7500 from $7200 due to salary increases.

DA9060.8 Hospitalization & Medical – Increased to $41,000 from $39,000 due to increased costs.

Capital Reserve Transfer – Increase to $45,000 from $35,000 towards future purchase of equipment. The Superintendent will be asked to estimate when we will have to purchase the next vehicle so that we can plan how much to reserve each year.


The following Highway fund estimated revenues are proposed to be increased/decreased in 2019:

DA1120 Non Property Tax Sales Tax – increased to $170,000 from $165000.

DA2665 Sale of Equipment – increased to $10000.

DA3501 – State Aid – Consolidated Highway – increased to $46,491 from $46,486.

DA3505 Pave NY – decreased to zero from $10,611.


Appropriated Reserves – $86,000.

The total to be raised by taxes will remain the same as 2018 at $104,580.

The following other business came before the board:

Councilman Desmond brought in a mockup of the proposed engraving for the veteran’s monument.  The price quote received from Kol-Rocklea monuments is $2,560 for the monument, engraving included two silhouettes.  The highway employees will do the foundation for the monument.  A motion was made to approve the purchase from Kol-Rocklea and to pay for it from the Parks account A7110.41 by Councilman Desmond, seconded by Councilwoman Brownson.  All in favor.  So carried.

A motion was made to adjourn by Councilman Desmond, seconded by Councilman Hempel at 8:55 P.M.

Respectfully submitted,

Mary Helen Shannon, RMC

Town Clerk