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Zoning Board of Appeals – February 2018

Clermont Zoning Board of Appeals

1795 Route 9
Germantown, New York 12526

February 28, 2018

The meeting opened at 7:30 pm. The meeting started with a salute to the flag. Members attending: Pete Cichetti, John Rusconi, Don Van Wagner and Phyllis Heiko. In the absence of Hank Himelright, the meeting was led by Pete Cichetti.

Pete Cichetti asked if anyone had any corrections to the minutes of the last meeting. A motion to accept the minutes with changes was made by John Rusconi, seconded by Phyllis Heiko.  All in favor.  So carried.

Windhorse Farm,  356 County Route 6, Kurt Andernach presented drawings which included the tree screening to be used on the East side, as well as fencing to be installed between K&H Fuel Oil Co. and the Windhorse property.  Conditions for approval include the installation of the fencing for K&H Fuel Oil Co. and the applicant will be subject to comply if a noise ordinance is implemented by the Town of Clermont. 

Motion to close the Public Hearing was made by John Rusconi, seconded by Don Van Wagner.  All in favor.  So carried. 

Role call vote was held for approval of the Windhorse application with the following results:  Don Van Wagner, yes.  John Rusconi, yes.  Phyllis Heiko, no.  Pete Cichetti recused himself due to being a neighbor of the applicant.

There was no new business. There was no old business.

Motion to adjourn was made by Phyllis Heiko and seconded by Don Van Wagner.  The meeting was adjourned at 8:10pm.

Respectfully Submitted ,

Desiree M. Webber, Secretary