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Fire Commissioners – June 2019


                                                                    JUNE 17, 2019

The Clermont Fire Commissioners held their regular meeting on Monday, June 17, 2019 at 7:00 P.M. at the Town Hall. Those in attendance were Chairwoman Susan Rifenburgh, Commissioner Raymond Bauer and Commissioner Ronald Rifenburgh.  Also present was Denise Fiore, Treasurer, Captain Les Coons and Robert Desmond.


Chairwoman Susan Rifenburgh opened the meeting with the salute to the flag.

MINUTES: A motion was made by Commissioner Bauer, seconded by Commissioner Susan Rifenburgh. All in favor. So carried.





June 17, 2019 Fire Commissioners’ Treasurer’s Report                   


RE:  May 2019


Total Amount of May 2019 Invoices Paid                          $ 6,088.73


RE:  June 2019


Proposed June 2019 Invoices                                               $17,516.14

Paid June 2019 Invoices                                                           3,047.30  

                                                Total                                                                   $20,563.74


Reconciliation of Accounts

The Bank of Greene County Balances to Date


Money Market Checking Balance*                                                      $ 197,286.02

*Includes interest paid on 5/31/19 in the amount of $59.83


Checking Balance                                                                                              5,682.50           

Less Outstanding Checks                                                                                2,979.78

Checking Balance to Date                                                                              2,702.72


Money Market & Checking A/C Total                                                $ 199,988.74


Capital Reserve Fund for Fire Equipment                                        $29,728.61 (as of 12/31/18)


                Interest 12/31/18 – 1/31/19                                                  $            3.78

                Interest 1/31/19 – 2/28/19                                                                   3.42

                Interest 2/28/19 – 3/31/19                                                                     3.79

                Interest 3/31/19 – 4/30/19                                                                   3.66

                Interest 4/30/19 – 5/31/19                                                                     3.79


                Total                                                                                               $   29,747.05                                                                                                                                           

Capital Reserve Fund for Constr. &Improvement:        $   33,666.86 (as of 12/31/18)


                Interest 12/31/18 – 1/31/19                                                                            $         4.29

                Interest 1/31/19 – 2/28/19                                                                       3.87         

                Interest 2/28/19 – 3/31/19                                                                      4.29

                Interest 3/31/19 – 4/30/19                                                                       4.15

                Interest 4/30/19 – 5/31/10                                                                       4.29         


                                                                               Total                                $   33,687.75


Denise Fiore, Treasurer

June 17, 2019


MOTION: A motion was made by Commissioner Bauer, seconded by Commissioner S. Rifenburgh to accept the Treasurers Report.  All in favor. So carried.



  • Physicals were received from CMH on the following:

Brendon Hegarty, Richard Larsen, Samuel Williams, Christopher Farewell, Cody Rockefeller, Collin Brown.

  • Copy of letter written to Terry Decker regarding generator testing.
  • RBC Wealth Management for May – $375,181.96
  • Fire District Affairs for June – July.



  • Thanked Commissioner Bauer for getting Station #1 parking lot ready for the paving. He would like to send a thank you to Jimmy Potts for his efforts in the parking lot.  The invoice came in approximately $800.00 over estimate because there were some depth adjustments made.


INSURANCE: Commissioners R. Rifenburgh and Commissioner Miller

No Report


FIRE EQUIPMENT: Commissioner Bauer

  • AED – Commissioner R. Rifenburgh would like to get a price on a new AED.  A new battery cost $377.00.  This would be the second one in two years.
  • The hydrant on Cemetery Road is out of service.

A motion was made to spend the money to repair the hydrant with new 8 inch pipe, strainer and head by Commissioner R. Rifenburgh, seconded by Commissioner Bauer.  All in favor. So carried.

  • Truck #6034 (Tanker) the water level gauge stops at half a tank.  It was discussed to let operators know to watch water level.
  • Thermal Imaging Camera isn’t working well. 


LOSAP:  All Commissioners

No report


LAWS AND POLICIES: All Commissioners

No report


LEGAL: All Commissioners

No Report



  • A motion was made to move any unexpended balance from 2018 into the truck reserve by Commissioner R. Rifenburgh, seconded by Commissioner Bauer.  All in favor.  So carried.
  • There was discussion regarding training budget and Treasurer Fiore said that there is enough money in the training budget for the planned seminar attendance.
  • FIT test: Names will be sent to the Livingston Chief of our members who will take the FIT tests. 



There were five calls in May as follows:

5/6/19 – Alarm activation – Clermont State Historic Site – Woods Road

5/8/19 – EMS Assist – 125 County Route 6

5/9/19 – CO Detector Activation – 24 Trout Creek Road

5/12/19 – Alarm Activation – 760 Woods Road

5/19/19 – Tree on wires – 670 Woods Road


Drills/Work Details

5/27/19 – Memorial Day Parade – Germantown – 4 firefighters

5/28/19 – Drill/Hose advancement/Interior attack – 6 firefighters

5/28/19 – BEFO  class – Stuyvesant

                        Taken by Evan Decker/Lloyd Kukon

  • Truck reports: Commissioner Rifenburgh does not see all the truck reports for the month.  Captain Coon said he did not get all done.


MOTION: A motion was made to pay the bills by Commissioner R. Rifenburgh, seconded by Commissioner Bauer.

FUEL USAGE: The Fuel Usage through 5/21/19 was 44.7 gallons, 36 inch depth. 



  • Bob Desmond asked about dry hydrants and freezing.  They do not freeze because until you draft the water it doesn’t come up about the freeze line.  The Commissioners discussed new hydrants and at the next meeting will discuss further about hydrants. Also suggestions were made about contacting Soil and Water conservation for grants.
  • Captain Coon contacted John Lutich about repairs to Truck# 6013 and it is on the calendar for July 7th.  He also contacted the grant writer about the grant that we filed.  We have not heard anything yet.


A motion to adjourn was made by Commissioner R. Rifenburgh, seconded by Commissioner Bauer at 7:55 P.M.


Respectfully submitted,



Mary Helen Shannon

Fire District Secretary