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Town Board – October 2019

                                                          CLERMONT TOWN BOARD

                                                                   OCTOBER 7, 2019

The Clermont Town Board held their regular meeting on Monday, October 7, 2019 at 7:00 P.M. Those in attendance were Supervisor Raymond Staats, Councilman Robert Desmond, Councilwoman Dawn Brownson, Councilman Kris Gildersleeve and Councilman Evan Hempel.

There were ten others present.

Supervisor Staats opened the meeting with a salute to the flag.

MINUTES: A motion was made to accept the minutes of the September 3rd meeting by Councilman Desmond, seconded by Councilman Gildersleeve.  All in favor. So carried.

After review of the budget workshop minutes of September 17th, an error was pointed out by Supervisor Staats and Councilman Desmond on page 32, Contractual Oil expense.  The quote from Kosco was .15 cents over rack, not 15.75 and the quote from Main Care was .19 cents over rack, not 19.8.  With these corrections made a motion was made by Councilman Gildersleeve, seconded by Councilman Desmond.  Councilwoman Brownson abstained because she was absent.  So carried.

TOWN CLERK’S REPORT: The Clerk read the report for September and presented the Supervisor with a check for the General Fund in the amount of $3,189.71 and for Trust and Agency for $570.51.


  • Office for the Aging will hold a public hearing on their annual Implementation Plan at the Hudson Senior Community Center, 51 North 5th Street in Hudson on Thursday, October 24, 2019 at 11:30 AM. On Wednesday, October 23rd a hearing will be held at the Canaan Town Hall, 1647 County Route 5 at 11:30 AM.
  • A six-hour defensive driving class will be held at Columbia Green Community College on September 21, October 19, November 23 and December 14 from 9:00 AM to 3:15 PM. Call 518-828-4181 x 3342 to enroll.
  • A 3-hour notary public class will be held on February 11th, May 8th, September 13 and November 20th from 1-4 PM at the Columbia County Chamber of Commerce.
  • The board received copies of the budget and revenue reports through September 30, 2019.
  • Mary Howard, Chair of the Park committee, was not able to attend but she did leave a  report of activity which was read. The committee met on 9/30/19. Topics of discussion included continued edits to the park plan, planting of bulbs at the entrance.  Amy is getting estimates and would like to use remaining funds from 2019 budget. Trees for the entrance will be purchased and planted in the spring with grant funds received. The committee would like to set up a website for the park with mutual links to the town website so that info can be posted. Asked that a schedule for the soccer field use could be posted. The committee meeting schedule is as follows: October 20 from 2 PM to 4 PM regular committee meeting November 17 – 4 PM to 6 PM Community Review Event December – Review of Community comments – date to be determined January 2020 – finalize draft February 2020 present draft to Town Board. As discussed last month, it was thought that a kiosk with the rules and regs could be used in the park.  Amy and Dawn are working on quotes.


  • WEB COMMITTEE: The was no correspondence or comments.

Councilman Hempel said that the new website is still being worked on. Councilman Gildersleeve will be working with Councilman Hempel on the website

  • PARK: Councilwoman Brownson did find out that the grant application from NYS Grants Gateway was denied because this particular grant did not cover planning of a park. The window does not open until next year for a grant that will cover planning.

She has been working with Amy on a kiosk design.  They have two designs to work with.  The costs are up to $6,000. Councilwoman Brownson has requested prices and a design from a company in Kingston.  Councilman Desmond would still like to see a sign as you drive into the park.    It was suggested to check with local carpenters and BOCES wood shop.

  • ELECTION DAY DINNER: Dinner will be held in the Community House from 5 PM to 7 PM. On Tuesday, November 5th.  Eat in or Take Out.
  • EARLY VOTING: Beginning October 26th thru November 3rd at Board of Elections in Hudson, Martin Glynn Municipal Building in Valatie, Copake Town Hall. Check the Board of Elections website for times, dates and forms.

Supervisor Staats reported that there is no tax increase for 2020. The tax rate dropped from .47 per thousand to .42 per thousand because values went up.

Raises given out this year are as follows:  Highway: 2% increase, Justices, $150 ea (2)., Court Clerk, $100. Tax Collector $100, Code Enforcement Officer $2000. Town Clerk, $100, Cleaner, $150. Overall budget appropriations are $675,441, total revenues are $503,207.  The amount to be raised by taxes is $104,580, same as 2019. The fund balance $39654, and he is hoping to be able to bank more revenues. The Brownsfield work is done and was removed from the budget, there is $10,000 in the park line for park improvements.  The Highway Superintendent reported that the roads to be stone topped will be on Cemetery Road, Jug Road, Fire House Road, Old Road and East Camp Road.  Trout Creek Road will be blacktopped.    

The public hearing will be held on Monday, November 4th prior to town board meeting at 6:45 PM.

A motion was made to accept the preliminary budget by Councilman Gildersleeve, seconded by Councilman Desmond.  All in favor.  So carried.

  • COUNTY PLANNING BOARD APPOINTMENT: Supervisor Staats was notified by Director of County Planning Patrice Perry that the Region 6 seat for County Planning Board representing Clermont, Germantown and Livingston is held by Larry Saulpaugh.  A motion was made by Councilman Desmond to reappoint Laurence Saulpaugh to this seat, seconded by Councilman Gildersleeve.  All in favor.  So carried.
  • SEXUAL HARASSMENT/WORKPLACE VIOLENCE TRAINING: All employees must attend training on sexual harassment/workplace violence. Classes will be held on Saturday, October 19 at 10:00 AM and Tuesday, October 22 at 7:00 PM.  A county employee will be conducting the training.  Mr. Miserendino asked if those who do not attend will be made public. 
  • Supervisor Staats received a donation of $2,000 for the park from an anonymous donor.
  • The Park committee has requested funds to buy bulbs which can be planted now. A motion was made to approve the expenditure of up to $500 for bulbs by Councilman Gildersleeve, seconded by Councilman Hempel.  All in favor.  So carried.


  • Supervisor Staats reported that Germantown School Superintendent Susan Brown did ask him if the soccer field could be used for games and practices while the addition is being built at the school. There are only two home games left this season.  The Southern Columbia Soccer League uses the field on Saturday from 9 AM to 12 PM until November. For now, the parking has been worked out. There was discussion about whether there should be charges and a schedule for use of the field.  This can be looked at if we start getting more use. It was suggested to have a section on the website for the park.
  • Supervisor Staats will be asking County Clerk Holly Tanner to come to the November meeting to talk about the new enhanced licenses.

Contact Supervisor Staats with any questions.


A motion was made by Councilman Gildersleeve to approve highway abstract #10, vouchers #88-102, in the amount of $5,837.24, seconded by Councilwoman Brownson.  All in favor.  So carried.

A motion was made by Councilman Desmond to approve General prepaid abstract #10, vouchers 258-260 in the amount of $192.03, seconded by Councilman Gildersleeve. All in favor.  So carried.

A motion was made by Councilman Hempel to approve General abstract #10A, vouchers #261-279 in the amount of $4,636,46, seconded by Councilwoman Brownson.  All in favor.  So carried.

A motion was made by Councilwoman Brownson to approve General abstract #10B, vouchers # 280-282 in the amount of $144.39, seconded by Councilman Hempel.  All in favor. So carried.


Phyllis Heiko suggested that the board consider raises for the Town Board, Supervisor, Planning and Zoning members.  This was discussed at the budget workshop but no raises were given this year. Phyllis also pointed out that the woodworking shop at the corner of Pleasantvale Road and Route 9 which was destroyed by fire has still not been cleaned up.  She knows that they have been given ample time to do so.  Supervisor Staats asked for something in writing that can go to the code enforcement officer.

Chris Nolan asked if the soccer field is limited to the school or the league.  There are other residents which might want to use the field.  The board said that anyone is free to use it for now as long as it is not when being used by school or league. Mr. Nolan also would like to see the board consider, proactively, a solar farm on the park property.  Phyllis believes both recreation and solar can be incorporated.

A motion was made to adjourn at 8:00 by Councilman Desmond, seconded by Councilman Gildersleeve.

Respectfully submitted,

Mary Helen Shannon, RMC

Town Clerk