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Comprehensive Plan Update Public Information

Clermont Community Forum and Potluck Supper – Come Shape the Future of Our Town – November 17 7-9 PM

Share your vision for the future of the Town of Clermont.

Enjoy a meal with your neighbors and friends and help the Comprehensive Planning Committee devise a blueprint for the Town’s growth on Thursday November 17, 7-9 PM at the Clermont Firehouse, 65 Firehouse Road. Bring your favorite dish and dish out your vision for the future growth of the Town of Clermont. Tell the us about the challenges and opportunities you see in the coming years for our area. Participate in discussions about your choice for living and/or working in Clermont.

So pull out those recipe cards and apps! Join us for an evening of great food and conversation about our shared future, here in Clermont! Our future is in your hands!

Unable to join us? Please take a moment to have your opinions heard by completing the survey below.

Notice: The Clermont Town Board will meet on Tuesday April 19th, 2022 at 7PM at the Town Hall

The Clermont Town Board will meet on Tuesday April 19th, 2022 at 7PM at the Town Hall, 1795 Route 9, Clermont to discuss the Comprehensive Plan, and conduct interviews with some or all of the companies that have submitted proposals. The town board will also address any other business brought before the board. All interested persons are invited to attend.

Town of Clermont
Lee Gallant
Deputy Town Clerk


The Town of Clermont is requesting proposals for consultanting services for creating a Comprehensive Plan. The details are outlined in the following document, click to download.

Related, Request for Information:

Updated March 9, 2022

RFP #2022-1

Question 1. We’re interested in finding a firm to partner with to submit to your Comprehensive Plan and Land Use Law Update RFP. Would it be possible to get a plan holder list or a list of firms that submitted questions, along with contact information?

Answer: (3/9/22) The RFP was advertised using the outlets listed below. There is no plan holder list nor list of firms that submitted questions at this time. The town website does not track who has downloaded the RFP.

Print media: The Register Star newspaper, Hudson NY
Digital Posting:

Question 2. We have read the 2006 Clermont Hamlet Vision Plan and have questions pertaining to it and the Comprehensive Plan. Is the Vision Plan still guiding the Town, and is it something that we could incorporate into the Comprehensive Plan?  Have any of the recommendations from the plan been implemented, for example, has the Town adopted an official map?

Answer (3/13/22):  The Town of Clermont implemented some parts of the 2006 Hamlet Vision Plan.  In 2011 the Local Land Use laws were updated with an expansion of the Hamlet areas in the town and a new Zoning Map was adopted. 

Question 3. Proposal is due 12 pm on Thurs 03/24. However, the Town Hall building is only open Thursdays 6PM-8PM, Saturdays 10AM-12PM. Does that mean the package should really be delivered on Saturday 19th to ensure someone receives and stamps it?

 Answer (3/17/22):  Proposals sent via UPS, Fedex or other courier or as well as the US Postal Service are received by Town personnel and delivered directly to the Town Clerk’s office upon receipt.  Personnel will be available at Town Hall 10AM -12 PM on March 24, 2022 in addition to the Town Clerk’s regular hours for any in-person submissions.

Question 4. The RFP notes/requests “Local Land Use Laws Document…shall be substantially rewritten”.  Can you clarify what land use laws are included- is it limited to the 2011 Zoning Law -or would It include other related elements (Subdivision, Noise, etc?)

 Answer (3/17/22): The current local land use laws (zoning, subdivision, noise, solar array, etc.) are separate elements and need codification.  Based upon this comprehensive planning process, it is envisioned that those elements will be brought together into a comprehensive and comprehendible document that reflects the vision of residents for the future development of the town.

Question 5. Are funds being provided by a NYS Program (or other grant) that would impact the process?

 Answer (3/17/22): This project is 100% funded by Town of Clermont taxpayers.  No private, state or federal funds are involved.