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2024-03-11 Comprehensive Plan Land Use Law Update Committee Agenda

7 PM Town Hall

In-person and via Zoom

  • Approval of prior meeting minutes
  • Discussion of Packet 1
  • Use Schedule & Definitions (Version 2.0)
  • Note: Changed items from previous version should be highlighted, however due to
    bug in Adobe PDF it was not allowing highlighting of some text and so I enclosed it
    in a red box instead to show changed areas.
  • Discussion of Packet 2
  • Article III – Establishment of Districts (Version 1.0)
  • Analysis of lot sizes and frontages in Hamlet Zones
  • Potential changes to Density Control Schedule in Hamlet
  • Idea for Roe Jan Corridor waterway protection
  • Other items
  • Next Steps
  • Confirm next meeting date