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Tag: Agenda

2024-03-11 Comprehensive Plan Land Use Law Update Committee Agenda

7 PM Town Hall

In-person and via Zoom

  • Approval of prior meeting minutes
  • Discussion of Packet 1
  • Use Schedule & Definitions (Version 2.0)
  • Note: Changed items from previous version should be highlighted, however due to
    bug in Adobe PDF it was not allowing highlighting of some text and so I enclosed it
    in a red box instead to show changed areas.
  • Discussion of Packet 2
  • Article III – Establishment of Districts (Version 1.0)
  • Analysis of lot sizes and frontages in Hamlet Zones
  • Potential changes to Density Control Schedule in Hamlet
  • Idea for Roe Jan Corridor waterway protection
  • Other items
  • Next Steps
  • Confirm next meeting date

10-10-2022 Comprehensive Plan Committee Agenda

10-10-2022 Comprehensive Plan Committee Agenda

Location: Town Hall
Date: October 10, 2022
Time: 7:00 pm – 9:00 pm
Agenda items
• Review/Approve Meeting #3 Summary Notes
• Updates on Pop-Up Events
• Review Past Plan Summary
• Review and Finalize Community Survey
• Review and Finalize Workshop Mailer
• Workshop Format – New Questions and Topics to Address
• Promoting the Workshop
• Stakeholders/Focus Groups
Next Steps:
• Finalize and post Community Survey
• Prepare for Workshop #1 – Mailings, outreach, promotion
• Next Committee Meeting: November 14th at 7pm
• Community Profile Edits
• Prepare New Workshop Displays/Interactive Boards and Maps

2022-09-12: Comprehensive Plan and Update of Land Use Laws Committee Agenda09-12-2022 Comprehensive Plan Committee Agenda

09-12-2022 Comprehensive Plan Committee Agenda

Clermont comprehensive plan and land use law update

Meeting agenda

Location:Town Hall
Date:September 12, 2022
Time:7:00 pm – 8:30 pm

Agenda items

Meeting with Geoff Benton and Susan Boudreau of Clermont State Historic Site:Park attendance/opportunities to increase attendanceOpportunities for cross marketing Town/SHS amenities Current and future improvements Additional topicsResults from Firehouse Dinner Pop-Up Event/ Other Pop-Up EventsDiscuss and Confirm Future Pop-Up EventsReview Summarized Committee SWOT Results/Town Priorities [To be provided]Review Past Plan Summaries/Recommendations [To be provided]Overview of Draft Community Profile [To be provided]Begin Preparing the Community SurveyIdentify Potential Workshop Dates – Tentative at FirehouseStatus of stakeholder/focus group list 
Next Steps: Prepare Draft Community SurveyConfirm/Schedule Workshop #1 for October/NovemberFinalize Community ProfileContinue Pop-Up EventsBegin scheduling stakeholder/focus group meetings