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Fire Commissioners – December 2020

December 21, 2020

The Clermont Fire Commissioners held their regular meeting on Monday, December 21, 2020 at 7:00 P.M. at the Town Hall.

Those in attendance were Chairwoman Susan Rifenburgh, Commissioner Laurence Saulpaugh, Commissioner Raymond Bauer, Commissioner Ronald Miller, and Commissioner Joseph Scott. Others present were Chief Lloyd Kukon, fireman Cody Rockefeller, Chief Collin Brown, Bob Desmond, and Treasurer Brian Fitzgerald, Les Coon, and Even Decker.

Chairwoman Rifenburgh opened the meeting with a salute to the flag. 

MINUTES: The Minutes of the November meeting were reviewed. A motion was made by Commissioner Saulpaugh, seconded by Commissioner Scott to accept the minutes. All in favor. So carried.


A motion was made to accept the Treasurer’s Report by Commissioner Miller, seconded by Commissioner Salpaugh. All in favor. So carried


  • RBC Wealth Management account statement for November $421,438.41
  • Free masks from Losap
  • Commissioner training schedule
  • New 2021 Calendar
  • Data request package from Penflex
  • Christopher Pearson member at the Jehovah Witness Congregation in Red Hook: invitation to join.



Commissioner Bauer : A new meter was installed by K&H Fuel for $298. Waiting for a receipt.


Joe’s Auto Repair:

6070 van had a fuel line and break line leak. Joe’s auto repair replaced the lines. No bill received yet

6012 needs oil and filters changed.


Commissioner Rifenburgh mentioned she will be working on the request package.

Doug C.will begin collecting this year.

LAWS AND POLICIES: All Commissioners

No discussion

LEGAL: All Commissioners

No discussion

OLD BUSINESS: All Commissioners

Commissioner Bauer would like the money from the truck sale taken from the general fund put into the truck fund.

Commissioner Saulpaugh made a motion to accept, seconded by Commissioner Bauer, all agreed. So Carried.


Commissioner Saulpaugh brought up station one and who is in charge of shoveling.

Chief Brown agreed that they would keep up with it in large snow storms.

Bob Desmand says it is not considered a town building.

If the issue persists and we cannot find someone to take care of it, we will bring it back to the district and take care of it.


CHIEFS REPORT: There were seven calls in November as follows:

  • 11/02/20 Wires down/burning/small brush fire – 726 Woods Rd
  • 11/10/20 Mutual Aid Tivoli/Structure fire – North Road
  • 11/20/20 Alarm Activation – 1500 Route 9
  • 11/26/20 Dryer Fire – 694 Church Ave
  • 11/28/20 Smoke Investigation – 122 Commons Road
  • 11/28/20 Smoke investigation – 1647 Route 9


  • 11/02/20 Officers Meeting – 4 Officers – 8 man hours
  • 11/23/20 Drill – Carmella Sisters Test new Hydrant – 5 Firefighters -10 man hours

Chief Kukon notes:

Truck 6070 repaired and inspected

Questionnaire – state will do free Covid Testing

Drills next month: worried about Covid increase we may skip Drills

VRS – 6035 Reletter, fix hems, install water gauges

Staples card needs to be updated – remove Denise’s number

Bought supplies and toner for copy machine

Year end incumbants to buy out of equipment fund for year ending in 2020

Chief Kukon end of year wish list:

Item                                             quantity    Price       total

  • Radios – Motorola 3500                2     $595      $1190
  • 6’ handle rubbish hook                 1     $130        $130
  • 6’ Georgia NY &  drywall hook     1     $165        $165
  • Carry Sling for tools                     4      $  50       $200
  • Scott Voice Amplifiers                  8      $  70       $560
  • 6035 water level gauge                1     $960        $960
  • Mounting bracket for tools            1     $154.95   $154.95
  • Gear keeper mic retractor            3     $ 21.95     $ 65.85
  • Glove straps                                10    $   4.95     $ 49.95
  • 100’ blue extruded rubber hose    1    $307.90    $307.95 
  • 300’ 2 ½” hose                              6    $154.50    $927.00
  • Tool box and tools                         1    $1500       $1500
  •  Estimated total                                                    $ 5250

Commissioners agreed to a spending of up to                          $6,500

A motion was made to accept the spending on new equipment by Commissioner Scott, seconded by Commissioner Bauer. All in favor. So carried.

A motion was made by Commissioner Miller to pay the bills, seconded by Commissioner Saulpaugh. All in favor. So carried


gallons used 59.2


Less coon: wanted to know if the leftover parts fund goes into the general fund at the end of the year?

Treasures Fitzgerald says we could do a referendum to keep it in the parts fund.

From Chief Kukkon,

I believe it will be a smooth transition for the new Chief Brown.

Nice to have young blood moving up.

Thank you Less Coon and thank you Commissioners

Bob Desmond “Thanks to lloyd for your service” 

A motion was made to adjourn at 8:15 P.M. by Commissioner Miller, seconded by Commissioner Saulpaugh. All in favor. So Carried.

Respectfully submitted
Jennifer Flandreau Secretary,
Clermont Fire District