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Fire Commissioners – September 2020

SEPTEMBER 21, 2020

The Clermont Fire Commissioners held their regular meeting on Monday, September 21, 2020, at 7:00 P.M. at the Town Hall.

Those in attendance were Chairwoman Susan Rifenburgh, Commissioner Laurence Saulpaugh, Commissioner Raymond Bauer, Commissioner Ronald Miller, and Commissioner Joseph Scott. Also present were Chief Lloyd Kukon, Firefighter Les Coon, Treasurer Brian Fitzgerald, Robert Desmond, and Mary Helen Shannon.

Chairwoman Rifenburgh opened the meeting with a salute to the flag.

MINUTES: Secretary Flandreau was not in attendance because of a family emergency so the minutes will be reviewed after some changes are made. A motion was made to accept with changes by Commissioner Saulpaugh, seconded by Commissioner Bauer. So carried.


The Commissioners approved the invoices that were submitted by the Treasurer. A full report will be done next month.


  • PHYSICALS: Received for Samuel Williams
  • RBC Wealth Management account statement for August $441,383.75
  • Requested by Investigator Joseph Myers for any material relating to fire on August 31, 2020, at 380 County Route 6, Clermont.
  • Returned letter to Thomas O’Connell regarding membership.
  • Received certificate from Leslie Coon for completion of Commissioner training – June 27, 2020.

BUILDINGS AND GROUNDS: Commissioners Bauer and Saulpaugh

  • Commissioners Bauer and Scott will not be fencing in the extrication area at Station #1. They are looking into doing something else.

INSURANCE: Commissioners Miller and Scott

No report

FIRE EQUIPMENT: Commissioners Bauer and Saulpaugh

  • Pump test: 6012 and 6013 had tests.
  • Truck 6010 MES will be servicing the motor on the truck, the compressor is overheating. They have fixed it so that it can be run manually. MES can also do complete service of pumpers for a fee of $450.00.

LOSAP: Commissioners S. Rifenburgh and Miller

No report.

LAWS AND POLICIES: All Commissioners

No report

LEGAL: All Commissioners


No business to discuss.


  • The budget workshop was held on Friday, August 28th. As required by law, the public hearing on the fire budget will be held on the 3 rd Tuesday of October 2020. This year that is October 20th and will be held at 6:30 P.M. prior to the regular meeting. This will be advertised that the meeting and public hearing will be held on this date. A motion was made to adopt the preliminary 2021 budget by Commissioner Miller, seconded by Commissioner Saulpaugh.
  • An application was put into the Clermont Fire Company from a former member. It was denied because he does not live in the district. He also put a local address on the application but does not live there. Chairwoman Rifenburgh will look into this further before approving or denying membership. Tabled until next month.
  • We have not received a completed physical for Collin Brown and Evan Tompkins.


There were 10 calls for August as follows:

8/4/20 – Wire/Trees across roadway – 149 Buckwheat Bridge Road

8/4/20 – Tree on Wires – 1102 County Route 6

8/4/20 – Wire/Tree across driveway – 1247 County Route 6

Storm damage – Man hours 19 hours 10 minutes

8/9/20 – Foot stuck in bicycle – Hettling Park, Route 9

8/18/20 – Alarm activation – Devereux Facility – 168 Pleasantvale Road

8/21/20 – Alarm activation – 45 Hill n Dale Road

8/23/20 – Vehicle fire – 5339 Route 9G

8/28/20 – CO2 Alarm – 974 County Route 8

8/30/20 – AAPI – Route 9 -Firehouse

8/31/20 – Structure Fire – 380 County Route 6


8/6/20 – Bailout Tests – Germantown 3 firefighters

8/16/20 – Drill – Livingston Mutual aid tanker – 2 firefighters

8/18/20 – Driver and pump training – 3 firefighters

8/24/20 – Monthly drill – 10 firefighters

  • Commissioner Scott: As was discussed at a previous meeting, a quote was received from B’s Custom detailing for applying a protective coating for $1,000.00 to the new truck. He thinks we should do this now while the truck has not been exposed to salt and sand from the winter. A motion was made by Commissioner Saulpaugh, seconded by Commissioner Scott. The vote was Commissioner Saulpaugh, aye; Commissioner Scott, aye; Commissioner Miller, aye; Commissioner Bauer, aye; Commissioner S. Rifenburgh, nay. This will be paid from the equipment account. Approved.
  • The Chief reported that the new Truck will have to go up to VRS to have lettering fixed and there are some small things which they will also look at.
  • The chief would like to purchase a 5-inch WYE with double shut-offs for $1905 for the tanker. To be taken from the equipment account where there is approximately $6000.00 left in the account. A motion was made by Commissioner Scott, seconded by Commissioner Bauer. All in favor. So carried.
  • TURNOUT GEAR: The chief is looking into purchasing some interior gear each year for those that need it.
  • Firefighter Les Coon reported that the following are no longer members: Ryan and Natasha Brown, Chris Ogden, Tyler Case, Bob McCarthy, and Scott Dow.

A motion was made by Commissioner Scott to approve the bills which were approved, seconded by Commissioner Bauer. All in favor. So carried.

Commissioner Bauer reported that there were 82.7 gallons of fuel used in August.

A motion was made by Commissioner Miller to adjourn at 8:10 P.M., seconded by Commissioner Scott.

Respectfully submitted,
Mary Helen Shannon
For Jennifer Flandreau