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Town Board – March 2021 Workshop

MARCH 1, 2021

The Town Board met with members of the Park Committee to discuss the maintenance of the parks this Spring and months ahead. Those present were Supervisor Staats, Councilman Robert Desmond, Councilwoman Brownson, Councilman Kris Gildersleeve and Councilwoman Lindsey Lusher Shute. Members of the park committee present were Amy Parrella, Louise Kalin, Dianne O’Neal, Jennifer Phillips and Phyllis Heiko by zoom. Also present was Chris Nolan, Town Clerk Tracey Gallant, Mary Helen Shannon, Deputy Town Clerk.

  • The committee presented ideas for the old apple trees left after remediation was completed and whether to remove or prune those that can be saved. Discussion centered on expense of pruning and maintaining or removing.
  • Committee member Jennifer Phillips will donate topsoil for the NW corner of the park at the Monarch Meadow natural area.
  • Remove trash and debris from the vernal pool and stream.
  • The locations for the park benches, which have been put together and stored, have been marked for placement in the park.
  • Snow removal will be done when it can be during the winter by the Highway department and mowing will also be done but the committee is looking at less mowing so as to preserve natural areas and wildlife habitat.
  • Suggested locations for the porta-potty were also discussed and fencing around perimeter of the property. Estimates have been received for fencing, however, Supervisor Staats has an issue with spending on fencing when we still have to provide screening. The committee will have a map to the perimeter of the property.
  • The committee has also received estimates for a park entrance sign from Terrabilt for a composite sign frame and sign board & design but no assembly or installation, $5000.00.

Dutchess Signs for $1,000. Includes PVC sign and installation, Monkey & the Mule, $930 includes custom built wood sign frame and installation, doe not include sign board and Fast Signs $600 double sided heavy sign. The split rail fencing for the right and left of entrance would be estimated to cost $11,000.00 from Roma Fencing.

  • ADA Swing – an affordable swing would cost approximately $300 or so.

The committee would like to form a Friends Group for the Park so that they can apply for grants that are eligible for 5012c organizations. Dianne O’Neil spoke about these types of organizations. Will have to determine if this can be done for the town. Linsey will follow-up on what is needed.

Respectfully submitted,
Mary Helen Shannon, Deputy Town Clerk