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Town Board – June 2023

Town of Clermont
Monthly Meeting
June 5, 2023

The Clermont Town Board held their regular monthly meeting on Monday, June 5th, 2023 at the Town Hall. All Town Board members present.

  1. Call Meeting to Order @7PM by Supervisor Staats with the Pledge of Allegiance.
  2. Approval of prior Town Board Meeting Minutes- Motion Made by Councilman Desmond, Seconded by Councilman Gildersleeve. All in Favor. So carried.
  3. Written Communications
    • Town Clerk Report
      • Total for General Fund $2178.54
      • Total for Trust and Agency $500.00
      • Total report for May 2023 $2724.54
    • Mail Review
      • Staples account closure Citibank program ending
      • NYS Grant opportunities
      • KISS program 6/5/23-6/23/23
      • Primary Election Tuesday, June 27th
      • Public Hearing Town of Germantown, Short term rental local law
      • County returning to garbage bags discontinuing bag tags by end of year
    • Web Committee-None
  1. Committee Reports and Updates
    • Councilman Desmond-
      • Loader is at the repair shop
      • Hogtrough Road Paving in progress/done-some culverts replaced
      • Turkey Hill Road repair permits completed (reported by Supervisor Staats)
    • Councilwoman Lusher Shute-
      • Park Clean up day was well attended, included some full families
      • Some of the poppies are coming up
      • Potty enclosure completed/Royal Flush will move Porta Potty into enclosure
      • Will ask about current landscapers helping with weeding
      • Playground committee meeting
      • Board Discussed recent park expenditure without prior approval/expenditures must be approved prior to purchase
      • Councilwoman Brownson working with Germantown Historian Tom Shannon on signage for park.
    • Councilman Gildersleeve
      • Website updates being done regularly
    • Councilwoman Brownson-
      • Questioned speed limit on Hill n dale not being posted
      • Discussed grant opportunities
  1. Old Business
    • Comprehensive Plan update-Mary Howard
      • Meeting held in May
      • Worked on finalizing draft Plan
      • Two meetings will held in June
      • Provided copies of literature Introduction to Conservation Easements in NY-
      • Draft Timeline
      • August-Workshop
      • October-Public Hearing
      • November/December-Submission to Town Board for review
      • January-Public Hearing
    • RFP’s published in paper, posted on website and building-Applicants to contact Supervisor Staats
    • Route 9 School bus stop update
      • County Board of supervisors, County Highway and County Engineer aware. Asked for consideration of reduced speed on Rt 9 Clermont/Livingston town line. Livingston in agreement. County engineer will forward to Traffic Safety Board and keep Supervisor Staats informed. Columbia County does not currently participate in school bus camera enforcement but it is in consideration and investigation.
  2. Supervisors Report-
    • 2nd qrtr sales tax revenue in $146, 453.00
    • Mortgage tax in $32,000
    • Thank you to Park volunteers for continuous efforts in the park
    • Solid Waste Greenport-ongoing work on site
    • Solid Waste bag prices may increase to cover costs-ongoing discussions within county.
    • Plaque for Clayton Andrus from NY Planning Federation. Supervisor Staats will delivery to Mrs. Andrus.
    • NYS is keeping federal funding for Medicaid
  • Executive Session 8:05 PM Motion made by Councilman Desmond Seconded by Councilman Gildersleeve. All in Favor. So Carried.
  • 8:35PM Motion to leave executive session Motion by Councilman Gildersleeve Seconded by Councilwoman Lusher Shute. All in Favor. So Carried.

Public Communication/Comments to the Board

Discussion-Hamlet Zoning Size and Comp Plan

  1. Motion To Pay Abstracts
    • Motion to pay General abstract #6 Vouchers #144-173 $10092.01 By Councilwoman Brownson Seconded by Councilman Desmond. All in Favor. So carried.
    • Motion to pay Highway abstract #6 Vouchers #63-76 $14580.51 By Councilman Desmond Seconded by Councilman Gildersleeve. All in Favor. So carried.
    • Motion to pay General Prepaid abstract #6a Voucher #141-143 $206.45 By Councilman Gildersleeve Seconded by Councilwoman Brownson. All in Favor. So carried.

Motion to adjourn at ~ 8:37 PM by Councilman Gildersleeve Seconded by Councilwoman Brownson. All in Favor. So carried.

Respectfully submitted,
Tracey J Gallant
Town Clerk